Quick Hello!

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s been busy this past week (and will be for the rest of the month pretty much)! H’s parents have come all the way from Korea, and we’ve been busy spending time with family and stuffing our faces full with her mother’s fantastic cooking. We’re learning a lot from her and have been taking ‘photo’ notes for our future use and of course, for you guys. 🙂

Here is what we ate yesterday :

Bulgogi Lettuce Wrap with Veggie Stuffers

Yum! More on this recipe soon!



5 responses to “Quick Hello!

  1. Just wasted a buncha time on your blog getting inspiration! Do me a favor and pick her brain on a good recipe for those uber tender short ribs. I got the taste down, but can’t figure out how they make it so tender.


  2. tastymealsathome

    Will do! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. tastymealsathome

    When making galbi jjim, she puts in baejeup, which is basically sliced pear, and chungjoo, which is korean kind of cooking wine. She then leaves it in the fridge for about a day or at room temperature for half an hour. This helps to tenderize the meat. I don’t know if you have already done this, but hope hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Chungjoo is the secret eh?

    So I’ve been using Soya Sauce, brown sugar and garlic. Add the chungjoo and that’ll make it all tender?

  5. tastymealsathome

    I think the baejeup is the more key ingredient in making it tender. Chungjoo I heard makes it tender as well as gets rid of the ‘meaty’ smell. Also make sure to get full tenderizing affect by letting it marinate in the baejeup and chungjoo. I’ve read somewhere that some people put in ginger not only for flavor but also to tenderize as well. So, experiment..try all three, combination, etc. Good luck!

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