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Kimchi Fried Rice – 김치 볶음밥

Kimchi Fried Rice is a comfort food for us. It is very easy to make and takes a very short time to cook. It is absolutely delicious! Enjoy!

What You Need:

  • A ‘handful’ of good fermented kimchi-diced
  • bacon/ham/spam/beef – this part is optional
  • diced onion – 1/2 handful
  • 1 garlic finely diced
  • 1/2-1cup cooked rice
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1-2 tbsp kimchi juice
  • 1 tbsp korean red pepper paste (고추장- gochujang)


What to Do:

Heat a pan and drizzle some oil onto the pan. Saute the onion, garlic, and meat until the onion is yellow and translucent.



Next, add in the kimchi and continue to saute. OH yes, to give you an idea of how much kimchi we used and how big the size of the kimchi was, here you go:



After awhile, you will notice that the pan begins to become dry. At this time, add in the kimchi juice.



Continue to saute for 1-2 minutes. Turn down the heat and add in the rice and sesame oil. Mix well!



For an added kick and the signature ‘red’ look, add in 1 tbsp of gochujang. 🙂


You are done! Fry an egg up and plop it down on top of the rice and ENJOY! 🙂