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2008 Summer Olympics at Home!

The 2008 Summer Beijing Olympic opening ceremony was fantastic! We were really blown away with the pyrotechnics and the super huge LED screen they used. We have to admit a few parts were getting a little boring but once those fireworks starting going off, boy were we glued to the TV.

In honor of the Olympic games, we have a little bet going on on which country will medal the most. We both haven’t determined which country we will choose but we will by Sunday night. H has her mind currently set on China since they are the host country and have so many athletes. I am probably going to pick USA. We both think it’s going to be neck and neck till the end of the games. We’re going to be also doing a total gold Medals won per country side bet, a total non-gold medals bet, and finally, a total medals bet for a country that has less than 50 participants. Each bet is worth 1 weeks worth of dish cleaning. The potential big loser may have to wash the dishes for a whole month straight! If we manage to both win 2 out of 4 bets, then it’ll be a wash and no one has to wash anything.

We’re also playing the idea of having a little competition at home creating our own Olympic events. Event 1 will be a game of texas-hold em’ poker. Event 2 will be a game of Speed. Event 3 will be a game a Chess. And finally, Event 4 will be a game of Uno. These games contribute to who’s the true Olympic Champion. H has been prepping for the past few days and has a secret weapon. She calls it the Raspberry attack. Check out what she’s talking about:

The intensity!!! Game on!!