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Fruits Galore!–mother’s love

After critically looking at the contents of my fridge (didn’t get a high score by the way), my mom decided that I needed to stock up on fresh fruits. Well…she meant business. My mom left for the supermarket and came back with fruit, fruit, and more fruit! I think she came very close to buying one of every fruit offered at the supermarket. Haha. Here is just a sampling:

Besides those, we also have bananas, peaches, oranges, and plums! Serious fruit overhaul!

I was pleasantly surprised, though! It must definitely be ‘fruit’ season because they are GOOOOD! Is it possible for all these different types of fruit to be in season at the same time?! Or are we just blessed to live in a country where the fruits taste good all the time?! 🙂 I’m clueless when it comes to fruits, you see… Anyways..some loving statements–paraphrased– made by my Mama.

Seedless Watermelon

“they said this was grown in Yosemite! These are very special. Eat it. See? It’s sweet because it’s grown there”


after slicing it..”oh my! This is not the normal kiwi! This is the golden kiwi!! These are impossible to find in Korea. You are so lucky. Eat it!” (proceed to stuff the half into my mouth)


“always get the flat/round looking ones…this one is a girl..the long big one is a boy and tastes very bad”

..she’s so cute! 엄마 사랑해요!!! I love you Mom!

On a Side Note:

The summer olympics are SO exciting! I’m blessed to be able to root for two countries–double the fun!!! Yay to Michael Phelps and Park Tae Hwan! Totally awesome!! 😀

On a Bottom Note:

Tomorrow we are off to VEGAS! Two nights at South Point and the third night at the WYNN (we had to pamper ourselves for at least one night!) Excited to try my luck at the penny slots again (don’t laugh!!), EAT well, and watch a show!! YESS!