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Quick Hello From Vegas and Olympics!

The above is a picture of New York New York that I took while on a car ride to Paris. It’s been fun going from one ‘country’ to the next ‘country’ in a mere car ride! 🙂 In spite of the weather (+100!!!!!), it’s been ‘cool.’ Our room at South Point was surprisingly nice and very clean! If you’re looking to save a few bucks or two, I would definitely recommend this place. It’s not too far from the strip (if you don’t have a car, they have a shuttle that goes to the strip), building is new, and the table games have lower limits. Also, the hotel is more family oriented with bowling alleys, movie theaters (watched first run Tropic Thunder the night before–HILARIOUS..tad offensive), game zone, etc. Here are some pictures of our room:

South Point Hotel Standard Room

The beds were very very comfortable! Here is a view of the pool down below:

South Point Hotel Pool

And Finally, take a look at these cool bath products! I love bath and body works, so it was a plus to have these things in the hotel! It’s the little details that gets me, folks. 🙂

Bath and Body Works at South Point Hotel

Bath and Body Works at South Point Hotel

Also, I won another fifty bucks playing the penny slots here, so yeah, I think I like this hotel a lot. 😀

Ok, now let’s talk about food! Being on a budget, my family and I can’t splurge at the expensive (but fantastic) restaurants here, so we’ve been going around looking for budget friendly places to eat. Unfortunately most of the places of that nature were chain restaurants (Outback–it was surprisingly good!, and Maggiano’s–YUCK). We are going to try the Wynn Buffet later tonight (through food credit provided by hotel) and see if there’s a big difference from the cheapo buffet we had at South Point’s Garden Buffet (two for one buffet coupon in their fun books!)….I’m expecting huge differences, of course. hehe. Oh, yes, almost forgot. We did try a fantastic place at the Paris casino yesterday: Mon Ami Gabi. We really liked it because we could watch the Bellagio water show (it’s right across the place) while eating! The atmosphere was very relaxing and the service was impeccable–unfolding of the napkins and placing it on your laps..the cups never half empty, the whole shebang. My parents were impressed! hehe. This is what I ordered:

The Quiche Lorraine. Surprise, surprise! 😀 Although I eat this constantly at home (try our recipe here!), I was craving it again. It was delicious! I have a few more pictures of this place, so I’ll upload them under ‘Restaurant Review’ in the future.

On a much more disappointing note…I HATE Maggiano’s! This was my second try at this restaurant, and I simply cannot get myself to like this place. Although this place has FANTASTIC Peach Bellinis and pretty good salads and appetizers, the main dishes here are just below average. 😦 I much prefer Buca De Beppo’s). Take a look at this revolting thing:

Sorry for the lack of clarity…if the picture was clear, you might just barf on your keyboard, so I did you guys a favor…So…let’s decipher this picture. WTH is that? It was seriously a HUGE MOUND of pasta and a couple clams. My poor mother ordered this and let me tell you..she is a small and skinny lady…her eyeballs popped out when she saw this dish. Now, if the pasta tasted good, I wouldn’t have minded the thing..but..oh gosh….let’s leave it at that. I ordered their Lobster Ravioli and…it wasn’t any better. The pasta was wayyy undercooked…towards the rubbery side. I actually had to use the knife to cut the thing up. Not good. I’ll provide a few review on this place later on also.

Btw, the only reason we ended up here was because I had a 15 dollars off 45 dollar coupon. Haha. Yes, we are cheap. 🙂

Anyways, that’s that. We also went shopping at the Primm Outlets in Las Vegas on the first day. We bought some VERY good deals! For example, I snatched a couple 6 dollar dresses at Banana Republic while my brother got a couple 7 dollar shirts at Ralph Lauren (originally +60 dollars). Not bad, eh?

OK, this has been a random post. To make it more random, let’s talk about the Olympics!

An interesting tidbit: Korea counts their medal rankings differently than the USA. While the U.S. counts on the number of total medals won (where USA is currently number 1! :D), Korea counts on the number of gold medals. You know us, Asians…nothing but the best will be counted. haha. Well, in that particular ranking system, China is number 1. Korea was third place for both the ranking types, but now, I believe they have currently fallen to 4th place in their ranking system–(had upset in women’s archery).

My heart was up and down the whole time I was watching the USA Soccer team battle it out with Nigeria! How sad was that? 😦 Although US did a fantastic job of holding their own with one man down, it’s kind of sad, because we will always have that…’what if we had the full team?’….darn it!!!! Oh well, it was a fun game to watch, nevertheless. Boo hoo, now that both Korea and USA have been eliminated from soccer…better turn my focus on basketball now.

On a last note. My mom is a HUGE fan of Park Tae Hwan. She thinks he is simply adorable. HAHA. Every time he comes up, she mentions Yuna Kim (Korea’s star figure skater) and how she wants them to marry–“it’ll be perfect, don’t you think?” sigh. My mom is not the only one in love with him. It seems like the entire Korean peninsula is infatuated with him! Apparently, he is known to listen to music to ease his nerves prior to a game. Well, he was captured onscreen during one of his events doing just that, and now, the headphones that he had on is a HOT commodity in the Korean market. Even the headphone company was surprised while watching the tv…I bet the maker of the headphone thought: ‘hey, doesn’t that thing look familiar? isn’t that…OUR headphone? OMG IT FREAKING IS! OMG WE MADE IT’…hehe. Funny.

Ok, better go now and get ready for breakfast. Bye bye.


Fruits Galore!–mother’s love

After critically looking at the contents of my fridge (didn’t get a high score by the way), my mom decided that I needed to stock up on fresh fruits. Well…she meant business. My mom left for the supermarket and came back with fruit, fruit, and more fruit! I think she came very close to buying one of every fruit offered at the supermarket. Haha. Here is just a sampling:

Besides those, we also have bananas, peaches, oranges, and plums! Serious fruit overhaul!

I was pleasantly surprised, though! It must definitely be ‘fruit’ season because they are GOOOOD! Is it possible for all these different types of fruit to be in season at the same time?! Or are we just blessed to live in a country where the fruits taste good all the time?! 🙂 I’m clueless when it comes to fruits, you see… Anyways..some loving statements–paraphrased– made by my Mama.

Seedless Watermelon

“they said this was grown in Yosemite! These are very special. Eat it. See? It’s sweet because it’s grown there”


after slicing it..”oh my! This is not the normal kiwi! This is the golden kiwi!! These are impossible to find in Korea. You are so lucky. Eat it!” (proceed to stuff the half into my mouth)


“always get the flat/round looking ones…this one is a girl..the long big one is a boy and tastes very bad”

..she’s so cute! 엄마 사랑해요!!! I love you Mom!

On a Side Note:

The summer olympics are SO exciting! I’m blessed to be able to root for two countries–double the fun!!! Yay to Michael Phelps and Park Tae Hwan! Totally awesome!! 😀

On a Bottom Note:

Tomorrow we are off to VEGAS! Two nights at South Point and the third night at the WYNN (we had to pamper ourselves for at least one night!) Excited to try my luck at the penny slots again (don’t laugh!!), EAT well, and watch a show!! YESS!